A Guide to Custom Pet Portraits

When you give someone a custom pet portrait, they tend to appreciate it for a long time.   It is a gift that holds special memories for the recipient for long periods.   It may be made for a current pet or one that passed on a while back.   For either reason, the special nature of the gift remains.

It holds the position of a unique gift idea like Reclaimed Art.   For such a gift, you can have the painting made and offered out when it is their birthday or when it is on an occasion like Christmas.   You can even present in on any other occasion, such as a housewarming party.   You can also go the extra, mile and have an oil painting made for that special someone in your life.

This can be achieved when any photo of the pet is used.   You can give out a simple snapshot, and it will be enough, provided it is clear and does not have a lot of background distractions.   If none is available; you can get a professional photo taken and used for this work.

Plenty of artists can render an oil painting from a photo.   What you need is one who has experience with photos of pets.   You will find a lot of artists who can make oil paintings.   What you need to search for is one who makes custom pet portraits.   They are the ones who are best placed to capture the true likeness, expressions, and personality of a much-loved pet.   This is important, since a Custom Pet Portrait shall remain dear and near for so many years to come, to the person who is offered the painting.

You can also have then put in some seasonal touches to the painting.   If it is given during Christmas, they can add in items that give off the holiday theme and mood.   It is possible to also have the pet look like it is the mood of the occasion, when it is painted dressed in some of the holiday's staples, such as Santa's hat.   Look through the artist's portfolio for proof that they can handle such a task, if they have before.   You will tell if they are right for you by how you feel about their work.

When you give someone a canvas oil painting, you have offered them a timeless gift that they shall enjoy for long.   It may be used as a birthday gift or on another occasion.   Your effort and cost shall be worth it when you manage to give a gift that shall be cherished and loved by someone you care for.   This gift shall communicate a lot.   Not just how you feel for them, but also how you get what they feel for their beloved pet.